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Exe From Vbs v1.3

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  • VBScript has been installed by default in every desktop release of Microsoft Windows since Windows 98 and it is widely used among system administrators in the
    Microsoft environment. sometimes you can need to hide your Visual Basic Script source code from prying eyes and that is the reason why you should try our Portable freeware “Exe From Vbs” it converts Visual Basic Scripts to .exe files easily

    v1.3 What is new (Published on:September 21st, 2012)
    1. Console option added
    2. Hide console option added

    v1.2 What is new (Published on:September 8th, 2012)
    1. There is no Antivirus “False Positive” Problem
    2. New interface
    3. No success popup messağe
    4. You can choose your own icon

    v1.1 What is new (Published on: Jun 21, 2012 @ 11:50)
    1.Name changed
    2.Stronger code protection mechanism

    Note: Some kind of antivirus softwares (such as AVG) can cause the “Exe From Vbs v1.2″ not to work properly to fix this issue you can just disable AVG and run Exe From Vbs v1.2 , create a .exe file then enable it again

    CRC32: bd1d4975
    SHA1: 75b2a47715414a8a62060e91d2edbaa05946dc34
    MD5: 2468c5e26146d765d4828c3d2b910e3a

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