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AskAdmin v1.2

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  • AskAdmin is a quick and practical solution to restrict a Application (new and improved version of AppAdmin v1.1), ideal for those who have small children or for
    Computer used in business , In a few seconds and in a simple way you can block any program installed on your computer such as Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Skype or bat,cmd,reg… data…etc , The program have a password to prevent blocked programs are easily unlocked by any user . Appadmin is Portable

    What is New (05.07.2013)
    1.[ Fixed ] – x64 shortcut Problem
    2.[ Fixed ] – Blocking functions sometimes does not work properly
    3.[ Fixed ] – Some minor code errors fixed
    4.[ Fixed ] – Languages ​​sorted in alphabetical order

    What is new (31.03.2013)
    1.[ Fixed ] – Sometimes Drag and drop doesn’t work properly
    2.[ Fixed ] – Restart Windows explorer feature causes to UAC doesn’t warn for several applications
    3.General improvements

    What is New (03.01.2013)
    1. New Design
    2. AppAdmin Doesn’t Block Skype – Fixed
    3. Drag and drop a Program shortcut Doesn’t block the Program itself – Fixed
    4. You used AppAdmin first time but asked a password – Fixed
    5. AskAdmin resets AppAdmin’s Passwords (Because of the AppAdmin’ password BUG)
    6. Ban list import – Export feature – Added
    7. Multiple Application selection feature – Added
    (You can Drag and Drop Multiple Application at the same time)
    8. Extra protection (Location protection) feature – Added
    9. Show don’t show Hidden files feature – Added
    10. Block For all or for Current user feature – Added
    11. Name Changed (AppAdmin to AskAdmin)

    How to use
    You have two choice to create a Block list ;
    1. You can just drag and drop a Application ( or Multiple Applications at the same time) to the AskAdmin interface (Easiest way)
    2. Use Add File button.


    How to block an application
    if a application name is on the list , mean: it is Automotically blocked , but on same cases you should use the “Restart” buton (guarantee) , if you accidentally block any windows System file that can cause system crash ,after that you can use the safe mode to unblock the file

    How to unblock an application
    You can unblock all Aplications , an Application or some of them
    a) Untick an Application’s name
    b) Delete the Application’s name (Edit > Delete or Right click > Delete)

    Note: if you have any problem with Drag and drop feature (because of the UAC or Admin Approval) on Windows 8 , Windows 7 x64 or on any windows system please use “Restart Windows explorer button” and then try drag and drop function.

    then Please check the blocked application / Applications , if the application seems doesn`t blocked , Press the restart explorer button (we restart explorer so that we avoid to restart Pc) . Program uses Hash method therefore its useless to change the restricted application`s exe name , and you can not break the Restriction with gpedit.msc or anything else

    You can save (export) the Ban list
    If you are a system administrator and created a list that include dozen of Application or you just Blocked many Application and want to save the list use “Save the list” button

    You can Load (import) the Ban list
    You can use your saved list any time on any Windows Pc , just use “Load a List” Button

    We have to change the AppAdmin’s name (Microsoft has already a Product with the same name) therefore we give it another name ; AskAdmin , it is the new and improved version of AppAdmin v1.1

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows Xp , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8
    Supported languages: English , Turkish , German

    CRC32: 2d8cddf7
    MD5: 63f72bcfb854da530b3e4ad92fce7a91
    SHA1: a3bcb5c84a11fadd3ee508f7cf013d3e9282966c

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