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BlueLife ContextMenu v1.1

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  • There are plenty of similar software and offers lots of customizations and tweaks but do we need them ? such as I don`t need , therefore we have created “BlueLife
    ContextMenu v1.1″ with minimal customizations and it offers only important and ergonomic settings We hope that with BlueLife ContextMenu v1.1 settings you will have more fun with windows 7

    - you can always run cmd.exe as administrator

    - You can easily disable UAC
    - Restart windows explorer (context menu)
    - Show /Don`t show hidden files (context menu)
    - Show/Hide extensions (context menu)

    - Open with Notepad (Folder context menu)
    - Take ownership (Folder context menu)

    - No shortcut icon
    - Disable shortcut to prefix

    What’s new:
    1.Language support added and of course you can add your own language easily
    2.User Account control settings button added
    3.No Shortcut icon added
    4.Disable shortcut to prefix added

    CRC-32 : 81362CFE
    MD5 : 64AAEAB27BEFA91591CC9B31B5CAA639
    SHA1 : 4215503C3B9A1A4938945656C1EADB17FA87C9E1

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