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Quemu Simple Boot v1.1

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  • if you searching the web to understand how to test image files in QEMU you’re in right place , our freeware simplify the process , Quemu Simple Boot v1.1 uses Quemu which
    is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer ,what does it mean ? just imagine you have an iso file , to test it you first need to burn it to a disc , waste of time and Disc or you should install virtual drive, there is a easy way just use Quemu Simple Boot v1.1

    how to use it:
    Download and unzip it then start Qsib.exe , Program interface is very simple just Drag and drop your .iso, .ima or .img files and click Start Qemu Test Button or select appropriate image file manually with +  button (under Select CD/DVD Image File menu) ,Optionally you can change how much Ram it should use or you can choose to close the program after Qeumu started , in addition:
    - You can test your USB , CD/DVD images and discs
    - You can test your multiboot menu workout easily
    - You can add your own language (edit Qsib.ini) Turkish , English , German language are pre installed , program chooses appropriate language Automatically , it is portable and freeware

    05.10.2012 Silent update
    1. X64 compatibility error – Fixed
    2. French Language added
    3. German translate error – Fixed

    V.1.1 what is new
    1. Boot hangs – Fixed
    2. Too long waiting time – Fixed
    3. “Reset” and “Open the configuration” buttons added
    4. English readme file added (in info folder)

    Supported languages: Turkish , English , German , French , Swedish , Rusisch , Russian

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