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RegOpenKey v1.6

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  • As you know registry is heart of the windows OS and playing with registry is little bit dangerous but sometimes it is necessary , such as you may want to make a
    customization or repair a registry key … you can easily jump any registry key with RegOpenKey , it is Portable freeware
    How it works:
    Copy the registry key to the Clipboard and then click on RegOpenKey.exe , registry key location will be opened
    Example: Copy the following registry key and run RegOpenKey
    if you copy following registry key , RegOpenKey will utomatically open the correct key

    Use RegOpenKey with keyboard Shortcut:
    You can create a keyboard shortcut to open RegOpenKey easily (Just click Hotkey RegOpenKey.cmd) and then copy any registry key to the clipboard and press Ctrl + Alt + X
    you can change X parameter by editing Hotkey RegOpenKey.cmd   such as /hotkey:R etc.
    if you use keyboard shortcut you should Close the RegOpenKey manually (on the taskbar)
    Supported systems: Windows xp , vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 – X86 , X64

    Note: If you copy all the text including a registry key , RegOpenKey automatically eliminate the text and open the registry key locatin

    v1.6 What`s new:
    1. Text eliminate function improved
    2. A small bug fixed

    v1.5 What`s new: (Published on: Oct 7, 2010 @ 5:19)
    (Fixed) if you copy a text including a registry key RegOpenKey doesn`t open last registry key

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